Marty Grimes Interview

Marty Grimes is one of my personal favorite rappers on the come-up right now and has a bright future in the music industry. Previously featured on our "25 Artists Who Are Going To Blow Up In 2015" post, it's only a matter of time before this talented rapper reaches his ambitious goals. Growing up in The Bay Area, Marty met fellow rapper, G-Eazy, and just finished performing on G's nation-wide tour (From The Bay To The Universe), performing and selling out legendary venues across the country, from Webster Hall (NYC) to The Wiltern (LA). It is awesome to feature him here at G-Productions and if you're not already familiar with him, make sure you check his music on SoundCloud and follow him on Twitter, and Instagram


Gibson (G-Productions Owner): What was the whole "From The Bay to the Universe Tour" like for you, both as an experience and in terms of your music?

Marty Grimes: It was a great experience to have with the homies for the first time. Each tour we’ve had has created a family, and it’s nice to see it all grow and have our home be the base of it all. While I'm on tour I get to perform “Bang Bang” along side G, and that moment is what I wait for everyday while I’m chillin’ at the merch table. I get to watch each tour grow bigger and bigger while learning everything I’ll need to know when the time comes for my own tour. That’s the part I appreciate the most.

G: What was the craziest thing that happened on tour?

MG: During one of the shows one of our tour busses caught fire. Luckily no one was hurt, and the things lost can be replaced. It was just a crazy sight to see since the only part of the bus that burned was our bunks. Everyone knows I lost my red Supremes that night.

G: I understand that initially you were touring with G-Eazy just helping with merch etc. so what’s it been like transitioning from that side of touring to actually performing at sold out legendary venues?

MG: It actually wasn't a hard transition. A lot of people don't know, but I've been doing that ever since we started touring. I went by another stage name, but I still worked the merch table along with other jobs and performed with G. Every day I perform on a stage with G I tell myself I’ma have that in time.

G: So now that the tour is finally over, what are you doing now? Did you take some time off to relax or did you get right back to making music?

MG: I always get straight back to work after tour for about a week before I take a real break. I have so many stories from tour that I want to get on paper before I forget. I know I won’t have time like that for a little bit once I get home and settle back in. Other than music, I help manage a Brooklyn style pizzeria, a spot that I've been at since I was in high school. The owner has always supported my music, and I've never really felt like I needed to leave if I have time while I'm home.

G: Going way back, how did you first meet G-Eazy and was he very different from the way he is today?

MG: I met G back in high school in Science class. It was really a, ”I rap”, “You rap?” conversation and after that we recorded a few songs together, later starting a rap group called the “Bay Boyz”. We had shows at our high school, which got all the stage fright out quick for performing. The only changes I've seen have been for the better, besides that he hasn’t. Which is why I respect him so much as a person outside of being my best friend.

G: Your music keeps getting better and better (Long Way Down is one of my favorite songs right now, but has a pretty different sound than a lot of your other music). What do you attribute to this constant improvement, and ability to keep putting out a wide variety of songs?

MG: Everyday I work on my music constantly growing and pushing myself to do better then the last and show improvement. Shout out to one of my best friends as well as producer, Kevin “KDE” Beggs for bringing me and Danny Pratt together for that record. I really think my next album “Nobody Said It Was Easy” will show how I've evolved musically I'm excited to show what me and KDE have been working on.

G: Who are some of your musical inspirations that have influenced your sound?

MG: One of my favorite artists is 2Pac, from how his music told real life stories of what he went through and you could sometimes relate to it. Another is Eminem, for the same reasons and he would say whatever he wanted despite all the hate thrown his way. On the flip side of that I'm a big fan of R&B music, growing up my dad always had Musiq Soulchild playing, R. Kelly, Floerty, Usher, and from that I feel like it helped me add some more emotion to my music. Artists like Mac Dre, Keak Da Sneak, E-40, The Team, Frontline, Suga Free, many more Bay Area artists. Along with Kanye, Drake, J. Cole, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Meek Mill, Even more then that.

G: What can people expect from you this year? (New music, touring, etc.)

MG: I’m releasing my 2nd project this year along with more singles. Expect a lot of music along with some shows here and there. We will see what new opportunities present themselves as I keep building.

G: What are some short term goals you have for yourself and where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years?

MG: At the moment, I'm really focused on getting my music out and building my numbers. Getting into a position where I can open up as main support for an artist to line up opportunity to headline my own small tour. I see myself making music everyday for a living, playing an endless amount of shows and enjoying life wherever I may be.

G: There’s a crazy amount of talent in the Bay Area right now and from the outside it seems like a really unique music scene where pretty much all the artists know and support each other. Is that accurate? What is it like being a part of a community like that?

MG: Yeah, I love it for the simple fact that it’s home and even though everyone might be from a different city in The Bay, everyone still supports one another.

Rapid-Fire Questions:

Favorite song right now: J. Cole - A Tale of 2 Citiez

Favorite album ever: 2Pac - All Eyez on Me

Artist you would most like to work with: Eminem

Favorite social media app: IG

Favorite emoji: Angry face blowing smoke out the nose

Favorite song you've ever made: unreleased material at the moment

Favorite food: BBQ

Coolest gift you’ve received from a fan: A nicely rolled J and a bag filled with red sour straws

Place you’d most like to go on tour in the world: Tokyo

Favorite show on this past tour: Warfield in SF

Three dope rappers most people probably don’t know: Manni Phantom, KR, Dave Steezy


Many thanks to Marty Grimes and his manager/producer, Kevin Beggs, for making this interview happen!

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