Sammy Adams "Summer Of Sammy" Tour

Sammy Adams exploded onto the music scene in 2010 when his debut project, Boston’s Boy topped the iTunes hip-hop charts. Since then, hits like All Night Longer and LA Story (ft. Mike Posner) have proved he still has it, but nobody is ready for his debut album. Expected to be titled “Sammy” with a release date late this fall, this album is going to change everything. Sammy’s excitement while talking to me about the album was obvious and there is no reason he shouldn’t be. After “Boston’s Boy”, Sammy signed to a major record label and it’s been a while since he has been able to create his music the way he wanted to, but after recently dumping the label, his energy and creative freedom seem to have returned in a major way.

The cover of the seventh Ellis Music Magazine Issue that I photographed and designed


After a short DJ set (no openers), Sammy Adams sprints on to the stage seemingly out of nowhere to the sound of “Comin’ Up” and a roaring crowd, his entrance paralleling his rapid, unanticipated ascent to the top of the music industry several years ago. Stomping his foot on the stage, waving an American flag-tattooed arm in the smoke-filled air, the music takes the back seat to the wild and chaotic scene of the “stage”. After several bangers, Sammy tells the DJ to lay down a beat, and goes in on a crazy off-the-dome freestyle during the Dallas show, something he claimed he hadn’t done in years. The crowd went wild while perhaps not fully understanding the rarity of what they just witnessed.


Sammy then changes up the pace to a more relaxed song, titled “Waste”, one he always makes sure to play at shows because of its personal meaning and the life-changing effect it has had on many of his fans. After the Dallas show, a war veteran approached Sammy and spoke with him at length about the effect his music had on him while overseas. As the veteran started to leave, not wanting to take up too much of Sammy’s time, Sammy stopped him. “Nah man, you can have as much of my time as you want”. He came along with us after the show and had an unforgettable night, hanging out with his favorite music artist. “I never could have imagined tonight would go like this,” he mentioned to me.


Sammy exits the stage after about an hour long set in an atypical anticlimactic fashion. Some of the not-so-diehard fans in the back begin to exit, but anyone who has been to a show before knows how big a mistake they are making. Two of Sammy’s biggest hits, “Driving Me Crazy” and “All Night Longer” still haven’t been played, and none of his real fans are going anywhere until that happens. As he leaves, there are a few awkward seconds of silence before a some fans start to chant, “Sammy, Sammy…”. DJ Dante, followed by Sammy, run back on stage after the chant reaches its climax, and the crowd erupts again. During a pause between the last two songs at the New York show, Sammy is smiling from ear to ear, walks over to me and says, “This show is FUCKING CRAZY right?” That just about summed it up.


However, the night is far from over once everyone has left the venue. In Dallas, we all packed in an Uber, fending off some extra die-hard fans that followed him from the artist exit, and headed off to a local nightclub. As we walked in the club, ironically Sammy Adams’ song, “Blow Up” was playing. Given Sammy’s entertaining personality, there was never a dull moment. The after show happenings almost matched the entertainment of the smoke-shooting guns and “Fuck Roger Goodell” chants that broke out at the New York and Portland, Maine shows, respectively. The stories from just the four nights I shot are crazy, from both during and after the shows. If you ever get a chance to go to a Sammy Adams show or hang out with him after one, don’t think twice because you never know what will happen.


It became very clear to me how a matured and re-energized record label-free Sammy Adams could really blow up with his album this fall. He could still be a dark horse, but appears to be the only one ready to take his career to… Cloud 9. I’m just sayin’ Sammy might fly jets over Boston with the whole world watchin’ in 2016.


This article, written by G Productions owner, Gibson Dintersmith, was originally published in the seventh Ellis Music Magazine issue, which can be viewed here: