YOG$ Interview

I’m excited to feature the up-and-coming creative, YOG$ on G-Productions. Currently attending the University of Michigan, this 21-year-old is already well on his way to big-time success, already having worked with artists like Rockie Fresh and Casey Veggies. Hopefully the interview below gives you a look into the mind of this talented artist. Make sure you follow YOG$ on Twitter and SoundCloud to stay updated on his work.


Gibson (G-Productions Owner): Where did the name YOG$ come from?

YOG$: In 7th grade or so a few homies started calling me "g-money". I ran with G-Money Beats for a minute then decided it was just a wack name haha. My tag was "Yo G-Money" so me & some friends thought the compressed version of that would be dope.


G: How did you get started with making music?  

YOG$: 7th grade music tech class man. They taught us Fruity Loops. my friend in the class got really good real quick. I got really motivated off that and downloaded the demo at home. Then it was wraps.


G: Do you like producing or rapping better? / Do you plan on continuing both or eventually choosing one to focus on?

YOG$: I don't rap, really. Doing vocals is sort of just a side thing that came when I was looking for a specific sound over my beat that no one was providing at the time. I'm first and foremost a producer. I just do vocals sometimes when the track calls for it. I blend the vocals in with the instruments so that it's not two separate elements (instrumental and vocals), but instead all one element, if that makes sense. 


G: Who are some of your musical inspirations? 

YOG$: I used to listen to only classic rock back in the day. Kanye got me into rap. But a lot of my inspirations are just artists I work with that push me to keep progressing.


G: I understand you’re currently attending the University of Michigan. How has your experience there helped you and how do you balance your music with school?

YOG$: I kinda always put music first. School is just extra stress, mad experiences though. U of M's not a bad spot. If you're in one of my classes you'll probably catch me low-key in the back row on my headphones working on some stuff during class.


G: What’s the typical day of YOG$ like?

YOG$: Usually get up at 7-730, make some coffee, then get straight to the music. The morning is the best time to create. Later in the day i still am making stuff but I also hit the gym and enjoy the nice weather, especially at this time of year.


G: How do you approach the creative process of making music?

YOG$: Hey man I can't give you all my secrets. I just started sampling a few months ago though. I like it a lot.


G: There is a lot of competition in the music industry. How do you think you separate yourself?

YOG$: Back when I was a swimmer, I always focused on what was going on in my lane and tried to surpass my personal goals. I never worried about my opponents or whether they were in front or behind of me. That's what it's like in music except I don't really have opponents, I just do my own shit.


G: What can people expect from you this year (shows, new music…)?

YOG$: New EP set to drop soon. No set date but it could be very soon. It's called "Semester Off". I have a lot of placements that i'm super hype about coming out soon too. I don't really like to talk about when other artists are supposed to drop their music, but when they do it's definitely going up. 

Not really doing any shows yet, i'm more of a behind the scenes type.


G: What short and long term goals do you have for yourself?

YOG$: Short term - be more creative than I was yesterday. Make sure I stay focused and keep doing what i'm doing. 

Long term - Grammys. And just keep getting better because I know i'm heading the right way. Hopefully I get nominated in a few years though, I see it happening. Not for my solo stuff but more for work I do with other artists. I have a mental list of artists that i'm ready to work with. I'm ready to start developing artists too. I'm just 21 but I've been practicing since I was 13.


G: What advice would you give to aspiring producers or rappers?

YOG$: Don't get lazy with it and don't be too hard on yourself. When something dope happens, be happy & all but don't chill for the day, go harder. The creative process takes a lot of energy though so don't try to sprint through it everyday. When you burn out creatively, don't knock yourself out over it. Go outside or something, go to a party.


Quick questions:

Favorite song right now: Year Round by James Fauntleroy

Most underrated artist: Me

Favorite album of all time: Graduation

Artist you’d most like to work with: Right now I have a super crazy folder for Wiz. So Wiz.

Coolest music related experience: too many to list

Favorite social media app: Snapchat (gdaddynasty)

Hobbies outside of music: Being outside. Staying in shape & healthy

Favorite food: quesadillas