25 Artists Who Are Going To Blow Up in 2015

In 2014, it was ILoveMakonnen, Logic, and G-Eazy who stormed onto the spotlight seemingly out of nowhere (See 11 Music Artists Who Dominated 2014). Who will it be this year? Only time will tell, but these are our predictions for 25 artists who will blow up in 2015. 

Skizzy Mars is one of the artists on both of our lists and. Simply put, this 21-year-old is going to be a star. With highly anticipated "The Red Balloon Project" dropping in February, Skizzy Mars is on "pace" for big things in 2015. Recommended Listening: All Say


QuESt has not had your average beginning to a rap career. After almost giving up music for good, he signed with Visionary Music Group and released the hugely popular project, "Searching Sylvan". Now an independent artist with an extremely dedicated fan base, QuESt is going up in 2015 so if you don't know him yet, you will soon. We also teamed up with him recently to put out a "Searching Sylvan" poster, which you can purchase here! Recommended Listening: Hunger


Cam Meekins seems like he has been on the cusp on fame for years, but 2015 is going to be his year. His monthly EP's are something to look forward to from him for now (January EP coming soon) and he continues to put out quality music. It's only a matter of time until he blows up. Recommended Listening: I'm On It


Lais., another Penthouse Music guy (along with Skizzy Mars), only started putting out music recently, but is already gaining recognition for quality songs including "For You" ft. Skizzy Mars, "Moon & Stars", and "430am". He has an interesting, smooth sound and is looking forward to an exciting 2015. Recommended Listening: For You ft. Skizzy Mars


GoldLink is on both lists and for good reason. Another new artist, his first album "The God Complex" came out a few months ago and was a SoundCloud hit. This guy is on his way to the top and is one guy you shouldn't sleep on. Recommended Listing: Sober Thoughts


The Cardiff Brothers (Jake and John) have some of the catchiest music I've heard in a while. Their recent EP, "The Beginning" had a lot of success and every song they put out is better than the last. Despite hailing from the smallest state, it won't be long before the whole country is talking about Jake and John Cardiff. Recommended listening: Chill


Vell could potentially be one of the fastest risers on this list. From Oakland, this guy is legit. It's amazing to me he still has less than 2000 SoundCloud followers, but you can be sure he won't have just four digits for long (For the record, I'm predicting 6 digits by this time in 2016). He has collaborated with DJ Mustard, E-40, and Ty Dolla $ign already and with his sound, there is no reason he couldn't be on their level by as soon as the end of 2015. Recommended Listening: Oakland 


Ivan B, an 18 year old rapper from the Bay area has big things ahead. His album, "The Pursuit", which came out earlier in 2014, put him on the map, and "Finding Better Places" is coming soon (sometime in January), which should be a treat to listen to. Ivan B is early in what should be a long career in music. Recommended Listening: The Miles Between


Marty Grimes grew up with G-Eazy in the Bay and you can definitely hear the similarities, but he clearly has his own style and will likely end up where G-Eazy is now by the end of 2015. Everything he has put out recently has been fire and he is going on tour with G-Eazy so you can expect him to start gaining the attention he deserves. Recommended Listening: Hell Of A Night


KYLE is on both of our lists for a reason. This guy blew up in 2014, and will blow up again in 2015. You can't help but want to dance when you hear his upbeat, fun music and it is easy to see why so many people are starting to love Super Duper KYLE and his "Super Duper" Crew, including the legendary Super Duper BRICK (check out BRICK's unreal hair by the way). KYLE's album, Beautiful Loser, got the attention of the music world, and without a doubt, he is going to kill in in 2015 and become super duper famous. Recommended Listening: Don't Wanna Fall In Love


Alex Young is the only true EDM artist on this list and in my opinion, this list would be incomplete without this dude. Although he doesn't quite fit the general genre on this site, Alex Young can seriously spin. With the combination of unreal live performances, filthy remixes and original bangers, this DJ is going big places in 2015. Oh and he's only 18... Recommended Listening: SWTRWTHR


Devon Baldwin, like Alex Young, strays a little from the norm on this list, but for a different reason. Devon Baldwin can really sing. Known for a while mostly because of her features on G-Eazy's songs such as "Let's Get Lost", "Mad", and "All I Could Do", she has started releasing music as an independent artist, and it's awesome. GMAD fans voted her the Top Female Artist To Watch In 2015, and G-Posters definitely agrees with that ranking. Recommended Listening: Don't Leave Me (Blink 182 Remix)


Cal Scruby has a very cool sound that makes him very recognizable if you've heard a song from him before. His references in his raps are off the chart, reminiscent of Mike Stud, and it looks as though he is following Stud's footsteps to fame. Scrubby was really good, but his next project has the potential to be great. Watch out for Scruby in 2015. Recommended Listening: Game 6


KR is one of the more exciting rappers emerging to the spotlight. He has drawn comparisons to Chance the Rapper because of his voice, but his cool beats and catchy lyrics make him fun to listen to. His recent album, I$OLyf3 3 was huge, putting him on the map for a lot of people, and one more quality album could turn him into a star in 2015. Recommended Listening: One Time


Jon Waltz, part of Penthouse Music (Penthouse Music is going to have a huge 2015 if you haven't noticed by now), is one of my favorite artists I've found about recently. Waltz has a very chill sound, typical of Penthouse artists, and his Alyss EP, released a few months ago really put him on the map, with several of the songs accumulating 200K plays. Jon Waltz is going up, and although he hasn't released much quantity of music yet, the quality of Alyss and his most recent track, "Burn", put him in a good spot to make huge strides this year. Recommended Listening: Video Girl


C Dot Castro, formerly under Visionary Music Group, spits fire. His fast-paced bars have a unique sound and he keeps coming out with quality track after quality track. He's definitely capable of blowing up, and if he can put out a good project in 2015, he will be well on his way. Recommended Listening: World Wide ft. Logic


OnCue has shown many glimpses of greatness in the past, and Angry Young Man was solid, but if he can put it all together for a project in 2015, I fully expect him to gain the recognition he deserves. He can put out bangers and definitely has potential to blow up, so I am predicting big things for him this year. Recommended Listening: Feel Tall


Futuristic goes hard on every track he touches. He has toured with Dizzy Wright and you can hear the Dizzy influence in some of his songs. His album, Traveling Local, was very impressive, and the 22 year old is not showing any signs slowing down any time soon by his recent songs dropped. Recommended Listening: No Way


Jon Bellion, under Visonary Music Group, has already blown up almost too much to be on this list. He came a long ways in 2014, but is nowhere near his peak. His music is more vocal than some of the others on this list, and he definitely pulls it off. His recent album, The Definition, included a song with 1,000,000 plays and took him to a whole new level, but you can expect even bigger things from this talented artist in 2015. Recommended Listening: Carry Your Throne


SonReal, hailing from Vancouver, Canada, killed it with his album, One Long Day, released early in 2014, but perhaps the biggest reason he's on this list are his more recent bangers he dropped, "Live This" ft. Madchild and "Preach", two instant favorites of mine. He has an interesting, different sound that makes it hard to compare him to anyone, all the more reason he is going places in 2015. Recommended Listening: Preach


Nicholas Hunt, under New York-based Cypher League, keeps it real and his complex lyrics are a breath of fresh air to the often-repetitive world of hip-hop. His EP, The Only Constant Is Change, was impressive and got the attention of a lot of people, but it likely won't be long before this unique artist starts getting a little more buzz (or a lot more). Recommended Listening: FUCKTHEBULLSHIT


Deven Coleman is on his way up. With nice beats and sick flow, over the past year or so he has put out a steady stream of quality tracks, and is well on his way to the spotlight. As he releases more music in 2015, you are going to start hearing people talking about this Syracuse-based rapper. We also teamed up with him to put out a poster of him, which you can purchase here! Recommended Listening: Understand Me

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 2.14.48 AM.png

Cozz, under the same record label as J. Cole, definitely has been influenced by J. Cole, but has his own flow and is following Cole's footsteps to greatness. 2014 has been huge for Cozz, as he released his first track, "Dreams", early in the year, which now has over 150K views. Everything he has dropped since then has been fire, and it's no wonder Dreamville signed him. Big things are ahead for this talented rapper, so if you don't know him yet, you will soon. Recommended Listening: Waits Over


Ground Up is one group I am surprised hasn't gotten more buzz yet. However, it's only a matter of time given the amount of good songs they have put out. They have collaborated with G-Eazy and Marty Grimes, and they're music is fresh. 2015 should be an exciting year for this group. Recommended Listening: Breakfast ft. G-Eazy


Pell I wanted to end this list with a bang. If you're still reading this, Pell could be the most slept on artist on this list. His music is straight fire, and his passion for music shines through onto his tracks. He has already had a lot of success, but 2015 is going to be the year everyone finally finds out about Pell. If I had to bet on one person to blow up in 2015, it might be this guy. Recommended Listening: Eleven:11 (but check out "The Never" too)



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