Sammy Adams "Summer Of Sammy" Tour

Sammy Adams exploded onto the music scene in 2010 when his debut project, Boston’s Boy topped the iTunes hip-hop charts. Since then, hits like All Night Longer and LA Story (ft. Mike Posner) have proved he still has it, but nobody is ready for his debut album. Expected to be titled “Sammy” with a release date late this fall, this album is going to change everything. Sammy’s excitement while talking to me about the album was obvious and there is no reason he shouldn’t be. After “Boston’s Boy”, Sammy signed to a major record label and it’s been a while since he has been able to create his music the way he wanted to, but after recently dumping the label, his energy and creative freedom seem to have returned in a major way.

The cover of the seventh Ellis Music Magazine Issue that I photographed and designed


After a short DJ set (no openers), Sammy Adams sprints on to the stage seemingly out of nowhere to the sound of “Comin’ Up” and a roaring crowd, his entrance paralleling his rapid, unanticipated ascent to the top of the music industry several years ago. Stomping his foot on the stage, waving an American flag-tattooed arm in the smoke-filled air, the music takes the back seat to the wild and chaotic scene of the “stage”. After several bangers, Sammy tells the DJ to lay down a beat, and goes in on a crazy off-the-dome freestyle during the Dallas show, something he claimed he hadn’t done in years. The crowd went wild while perhaps not fully understanding the rarity of what they just witnessed.


Sammy then changes up the pace to a more relaxed song, titled “Waste”, one he always makes sure to play at shows because of its personal meaning and the life-changing effect it has had on many of his fans. After the Dallas show, a war veteran approached Sammy and spoke with him at length about the effect his music had on him while overseas. As the veteran started to leave, not wanting to take up too much of Sammy’s time, Sammy stopped him. “Nah man, you can have as much of my time as you want”. He came along with us after the show and had an unforgettable night, hanging out with his favorite music artist. “I never could have imagined tonight would go like this,” he mentioned to me.


Sammy exits the stage after about an hour long set in an atypical anticlimactic fashion. Some of the not-so-diehard fans in the back begin to exit, but anyone who has been to a show before knows how big a mistake they are making. Two of Sammy’s biggest hits, “Driving Me Crazy” and “All Night Longer” still haven’t been played, and none of his real fans are going anywhere until that happens. As he leaves, there are a few awkward seconds of silence before a some fans start to chant, “Sammy, Sammy…”. DJ Dante, followed by Sammy, run back on stage after the chant reaches its climax, and the crowd erupts again. During a pause between the last two songs at the New York show, Sammy is smiling from ear to ear, walks over to me and says, “This show is FUCKING CRAZY right?” That just about summed it up.


However, the night is far from over once everyone has left the venue. In Dallas, we all packed in an Uber, fending off some extra die-hard fans that followed him from the artist exit, and headed off to a local nightclub. As we walked in the club, ironically Sammy Adams’ song, “Blow Up” was playing. Given Sammy’s entertaining personality, there was never a dull moment. The after show happenings almost matched the entertainment of the smoke-shooting guns and “Fuck Roger Goodell” chants that broke out at the New York and Portland, Maine shows, respectively. The stories from just the four nights I shot are crazy, from both during and after the shows. If you ever get a chance to go to a Sammy Adams show or hang out with him after one, don’t think twice because you never know what will happen.


It became very clear to me how a matured and re-energized record label-free Sammy Adams could really blow up with his album this fall. He could still be a dark horse, but appears to be the only one ready to take his career to… Cloud 9. I’m just sayin’ Sammy might fly jets over Boston with the whole world watchin’ in 2016.


This article, written by G Productions owner, Gibson Dintersmith, was originally published in the seventh Ellis Music Magazine issue, which can be viewed here:

YOG$ Interview

I’m excited to feature the up-and-coming creative, YOG$ on G-Productions. Currently attending the University of Michigan, this 21-year-old is already well on his way to big-time success, already having worked with artists like Rockie Fresh and Casey Veggies. Hopefully the interview below gives you a look into the mind of this talented artist. Make sure you follow YOG$ on Twitter and SoundCloud to stay updated on his work.


Gibson (G-Productions Owner): Where did the name YOG$ come from?

YOG$: In 7th grade or so a few homies started calling me "g-money". I ran with G-Money Beats for a minute then decided it was just a wack name haha. My tag was "Yo G-Money" so me & some friends thought the compressed version of that would be dope.


G: How did you get started with making music?  

YOG$: 7th grade music tech class man. They taught us Fruity Loops. my friend in the class got really good real quick. I got really motivated off that and downloaded the demo at home. Then it was wraps.


G: Do you like producing or rapping better? / Do you plan on continuing both or eventually choosing one to focus on?

YOG$: I don't rap, really. Doing vocals is sort of just a side thing that came when I was looking for a specific sound over my beat that no one was providing at the time. I'm first and foremost a producer. I just do vocals sometimes when the track calls for it. I blend the vocals in with the instruments so that it's not two separate elements (instrumental and vocals), but instead all one element, if that makes sense. 


G: Who are some of your musical inspirations? 

YOG$: I used to listen to only classic rock back in the day. Kanye got me into rap. But a lot of my inspirations are just artists I work with that push me to keep progressing.


G: I understand you’re currently attending the University of Michigan. How has your experience there helped you and how do you balance your music with school?

YOG$: I kinda always put music first. School is just extra stress, mad experiences though. U of M's not a bad spot. If you're in one of my classes you'll probably catch me low-key in the back row on my headphones working on some stuff during class.


G: What’s the typical day of YOG$ like?

YOG$: Usually get up at 7-730, make some coffee, then get straight to the music. The morning is the best time to create. Later in the day i still am making stuff but I also hit the gym and enjoy the nice weather, especially at this time of year.


G: How do you approach the creative process of making music?

YOG$: Hey man I can't give you all my secrets. I just started sampling a few months ago though. I like it a lot.


G: There is a lot of competition in the music industry. How do you think you separate yourself?

YOG$: Back when I was a swimmer, I always focused on what was going on in my lane and tried to surpass my personal goals. I never worried about my opponents or whether they were in front or behind of me. That's what it's like in music except I don't really have opponents, I just do my own shit.


G: What can people expect from you this year (shows, new music…)?

YOG$: New EP set to drop soon. No set date but it could be very soon. It's called "Semester Off". I have a lot of placements that i'm super hype about coming out soon too. I don't really like to talk about when other artists are supposed to drop their music, but when they do it's definitely going up. 

Not really doing any shows yet, i'm more of a behind the scenes type.


G: What short and long term goals do you have for yourself?

YOG$: Short term - be more creative than I was yesterday. Make sure I stay focused and keep doing what i'm doing. 

Long term - Grammys. And just keep getting better because I know i'm heading the right way. Hopefully I get nominated in a few years though, I see it happening. Not for my solo stuff but more for work I do with other artists. I have a mental list of artists that i'm ready to work with. I'm ready to start developing artists too. I'm just 21 but I've been practicing since I was 13.


G: What advice would you give to aspiring producers or rappers?

YOG$: Don't get lazy with it and don't be too hard on yourself. When something dope happens, be happy & all but don't chill for the day, go harder. The creative process takes a lot of energy though so don't try to sprint through it everyday. When you burn out creatively, don't knock yourself out over it. Go outside or something, go to a party.


Quick questions:

Favorite song right now: Year Round by James Fauntleroy

Most underrated artist: Me

Favorite album of all time: Graduation

Artist you’d most like to work with: Right now I have a super crazy folder for Wiz. So Wiz.

Coolest music related experience: too many to list

Favorite social media app: Snapchat (gdaddynasty)

Hobbies outside of music: Being outside. Staying in shape & healthy

Favorite food: quesadillas

G Playlist Tres

The newest edition of the G Playlists is here! Featuring some Kid Cudi, Prelow, Blackbear, Mod Sun, Action Bronson (w/ Chance), and much more, this diverse collection of tracks will hopefully contain some of your favorite songs right now as well as introduce you to some great new songs/artists!


Marty Grimes Interview

Marty Grimes is one of my personal favorite rappers on the come-up right now and has a bright future in the music industry. Previously featured on our "25 Artists Who Are Going To Blow Up In 2015" post, it's only a matter of time before this talented rapper reaches his ambitious goals. Growing up in The Bay Area, Marty met fellow rapper, G-Eazy, and just finished performing on G's nation-wide tour (From The Bay To The Universe), performing and selling out legendary venues across the country, from Webster Hall (NYC) to The Wiltern (LA). It is awesome to feature him here at G-Productions and if you're not already familiar with him, make sure you check his music on SoundCloud and follow him on Twitter, and Instagram


Gibson (G-Productions Owner): What was the whole "From The Bay to the Universe Tour" like for you, both as an experience and in terms of your music?

Marty Grimes: It was a great experience to have with the homies for the first time. Each tour we’ve had has created a family, and it’s nice to see it all grow and have our home be the base of it all. While I'm on tour I get to perform “Bang Bang” along side G, and that moment is what I wait for everyday while I’m chillin’ at the merch table. I get to watch each tour grow bigger and bigger while learning everything I’ll need to know when the time comes for my own tour. That’s the part I appreciate the most.

G: What was the craziest thing that happened on tour?

MG: During one of the shows one of our tour busses caught fire. Luckily no one was hurt, and the things lost can be replaced. It was just a crazy sight to see since the only part of the bus that burned was our bunks. Everyone knows I lost my red Supremes that night.

G: I understand that initially you were touring with G-Eazy just helping with merch etc. so what’s it been like transitioning from that side of touring to actually performing at sold out legendary venues?

MG: It actually wasn't a hard transition. A lot of people don't know, but I've been doing that ever since we started touring. I went by another stage name, but I still worked the merch table along with other jobs and performed with G. Every day I perform on a stage with G I tell myself I’ma have that in time.

G: So now that the tour is finally over, what are you doing now? Did you take some time off to relax or did you get right back to making music?

MG: I always get straight back to work after tour for about a week before I take a real break. I have so many stories from tour that I want to get on paper before I forget. I know I won’t have time like that for a little bit once I get home and settle back in. Other than music, I help manage a Brooklyn style pizzeria, a spot that I've been at since I was in high school. The owner has always supported my music, and I've never really felt like I needed to leave if I have time while I'm home.

G: Going way back, how did you first meet G-Eazy and was he very different from the way he is today?

MG: I met G back in high school in Science class. It was really a, ”I rap”, “You rap?” conversation and after that we recorded a few songs together, later starting a rap group called the “Bay Boyz”. We had shows at our high school, which got all the stage fright out quick for performing. The only changes I've seen have been for the better, besides that he hasn’t. Which is why I respect him so much as a person outside of being my best friend.

G: Your music keeps getting better and better (Long Way Down is one of my favorite songs right now, but has a pretty different sound than a lot of your other music). What do you attribute to this constant improvement, and ability to keep putting out a wide variety of songs?

MG: Everyday I work on my music constantly growing and pushing myself to do better then the last and show improvement. Shout out to one of my best friends as well as producer, Kevin “KDE” Beggs for bringing me and Danny Pratt together for that record. I really think my next album “Nobody Said It Was Easy” will show how I've evolved musically I'm excited to show what me and KDE have been working on.

G: Who are some of your musical inspirations that have influenced your sound?

MG: One of my favorite artists is 2Pac, from how his music told real life stories of what he went through and you could sometimes relate to it. Another is Eminem, for the same reasons and he would say whatever he wanted despite all the hate thrown his way. On the flip side of that I'm a big fan of R&B music, growing up my dad always had Musiq Soulchild playing, R. Kelly, Floerty, Usher, and from that I feel like it helped me add some more emotion to my music. Artists like Mac Dre, Keak Da Sneak, E-40, The Team, Frontline, Suga Free, many more Bay Area artists. Along with Kanye, Drake, J. Cole, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Meek Mill, Even more then that.

G: What can people expect from you this year? (New music, touring, etc.)

MG: I’m releasing my 2nd project this year along with more singles. Expect a lot of music along with some shows here and there. We will see what new opportunities present themselves as I keep building.

G: What are some short term goals you have for yourself and where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years?

MG: At the moment, I'm really focused on getting my music out and building my numbers. Getting into a position where I can open up as main support for an artist to line up opportunity to headline my own small tour. I see myself making music everyday for a living, playing an endless amount of shows and enjoying life wherever I may be.

G: There’s a crazy amount of talent in the Bay Area right now and from the outside it seems like a really unique music scene where pretty much all the artists know and support each other. Is that accurate? What is it like being a part of a community like that?

MG: Yeah, I love it for the simple fact that it’s home and even though everyone might be from a different city in The Bay, everyone still supports one another.

Rapid-Fire Questions:

Favorite song right now: J. Cole - A Tale of 2 Citiez

Favorite album ever: 2Pac - All Eyez on Me

Artist you would most like to work with: Eminem

Favorite social media app: IG

Favorite emoji: Angry face blowing smoke out the nose

Favorite song you've ever made: unreleased material at the moment

Favorite food: BBQ

Coolest gift you’ve received from a fan: A nicely rolled J and a bag filled with red sour straws

Place you’d most like to go on tour in the world: Tokyo

Favorite show on this past tour: Warfield in SF

Three dope rappers most people probably don’t know: Manni Phantom, KR, Dave Steezy


Many thanks to Marty Grimes and his manager/producer, Kevin Beggs, for making this interview happen!

Also, make sure you follow G-Productions on Twitter @G_Productions_ to stay updated (lot's of big things coming)!

*Original photo above: goodboyshady


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The second "G Playlist" features some of my favorite tracks of all time, including Childish Gambino's "Shoulda Known" and Hoodie Allen's "Fame Is For Assholes", as well as some dope recently released songs like "Alright" (Marc Goone) and "Amber" (Cam Meekins). Bump this playlist to get you through the week and let me know what you think!


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Interview: Get To Know Alex Schechter

Alex Schechter, an up-and-coming rapper, was nice enough to answer some of my questions that will hopefully help you get familiar with him and his music. Listen to him on SoundCloud here

Alex Schechter at his first headlining show

Alex Schechter at his first headlining show


G-Posters: You’ve had a pretty unique beginning to your music career. Can you talk a little about how you got started?

Alex Schecter: So, the beginning to my music career definitely is unique. I was born in Boston, MA, but when I was one, my family moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta was/is arguably the center of hip hop. I grew up minutes away from B.o.B, Andre 3000, Akon, Soulja Boy, and T.I. I grew up listening to these guys. My music career didn’t actually start in the ATL though. When I was 13, my family moved back to Boston due to the recession and economic downturn. I was 13 at the time and I was in 7th grade. It wasn’t for 3 years that I would start my music. My friends at my high school encouraged me to do the talent show, even though I had never performed for anyone in my entire life. I took the risk, though. and I did a cover of Macklemore’s "Otherside". I ended up winning $100, and I was psyched. Even at this point though, I hadn’t really begun my music career. It wasn’t until my senior year that I would start writing. When I started writing, I couldn’t stop. It took over my life. That’s when I knew I found something I loved and wanted to do.

GP: Who are some artists that you look up to and have influenced your music?

AS: I’d say the biggest artists that I have looked up to are Lupe Fiasco, old school B.o.B (Bobby Ray), and Eminem. Maybe Macklemore could be thrown in that mix as well. These guys are all so lyrical, and are such talented writers. The way that they convey their messages through music is amazing. It really is art. So, hopefully someday I’ll have as much success as they’ve had.

GP: So you’re at Dickinson College right now—how has your experience there helped you with your music and how do you balance the schoolwork with making music?

AS: Being at college and doing my music definitely is tough. This is what I signed up for though. To me, the music is a hobby. Instead of taking naps after finishing my classes and homework, I write music, send emails to promoters, and connect with fans on social media. I love it. I wouldn’t trade it. I also have a part time job. So to anyone who says that they don’t have time to chase their’s not true. You can do anything you want as long as you really put your heart and soul into it. 

At school, I’ve done some open mics here and there, and even did the school talent show. Everyone here is really supportive. On campus, people come up to me and say, “Hey are you the rapper??”. It’s really funny and cool. I always tell them to just call me Alex. I probably did 50 freestyles the first few weeks of school for people haha. I really love it. 

GP: Your first album, Outlier, came out in 2014. What was the process of creating and recording it like?

AS: Outlier was one hell of experience. Having never created any form of music before, I learned everything on the fly. The writing, the production, the recording (Cybesound Studios in Boston), and distributing the music. I learned so much in such a short time. I honestly expected to sell 20 units of my album based on the fact my only fan base at the time was my friends and family..I ended up selling more than 200 units. It was incredibly mind-blowing. Also humbling. Outlier was definitely my baby. The 7 songs on that album (narrowed down from 30 finished songs) were really personal. I put everything in those songs. For example, my song If I Could is about the perception of mental illness and depression. These feelings come straight from family and personal issues. It was really cool to see that If I Could was the best selling single on the album! 

GP: I understand a mixtape is coming soon. Can you talk a little bit about that and what people can expect from it?

AS: I am hella psyched for my new mixtape, Broken Hearts. This mixtape is going to be free for everyone. It’s not a mixtape with an “intro” “outro” or 20 second “songs”. This is a full length album with 12 complete songs for free. I am really excited for everyone to hear the full thing. The first single, You Don’t Get My Love hit 1,000 plays within a matter of weeks. Meanwhile, not one song on Outlier came close to 1,000 plays. So, the response has been fantastic. It’s dropping Valentine’s Day. I definitely am getting good vibes. My fans are really digging the new sounds which makes me happy.

GP: You’ve opened for guys like Cam Meekins and SonReal before. I was at your first headlining show, which was awesome. What’s next in terms of shows planned in 2015?

AS: As of right now, I have one show confirmed. It is on February 23, and I am opening for Cam Meekins again on his first headlining tour in Springfield, VA at Empire Nightclub. I do have some exciting news planned for the summer...maybe a headliner at the Middle East in Boston? Who knows? ;)  Although my first headlining show was intimate, I’m excited to see what we can do for the second go around. Three weeks ago I had 250 followers on Twitter. I just passed 1,200. So people are joining the movement at a rapid pace. In terms of other shows, I was asked to perform at the first annual Rollingloud festival in Miami. The headliner is Schoolboy Q so it was an honor to be asked. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out with my school schedule and all, but things are happening. Hopefully, I can maybe hop on a tour this summer!

GP: Where do you see your music taking you over the next few years and what are some of your long-term goals?

AS: As of now, I’m not sure where my music will take me. Like I said, I am a full time college student. That is my first priority. If people really start digging my music, then we will see what happens in the future. As of now, I’m very happy doing shows whenever I can and putting out new projects. I guess one big goal I have is to hop on someone’s tour. That would be pretty sweet. It’s up to the fans where this really goes. 

GP: Finally, how would you describe your music and what message do you try to convey through it?

AS: I hope my music makes people think. It’s tough. There is a balance between making songs that are catchy, but writing lyrics that actually matter. I’m never going to put out a song where I don’t think I put my heart into the lyrics. That’s the truth, and that’s just how it’s going to be.


Make sure you download "Broken Hearts" dropping on Valentine’s Day (2/14/15). Also follow him on Twitter (@SchechterMusic), Instagram (@AlexSchechterMusic), SoundCloud (Alex Schechter) and like his Facebook page (Alex Schechter)

25 Artists Who Are Going To Blow Up in 2015

In 2014, it was ILoveMakonnen, Logic, and G-Eazy who stormed onto the spotlight seemingly out of nowhere (See 11 Music Artists Who Dominated 2014). Who will it be this year? Only time will tell, but these are our predictions for 25 artists who will blow up in 2015. 

Skizzy Mars is one of the artists on both of our lists and. Simply put, this 21-year-old is going to be a star. With highly anticipated "The Red Balloon Project" dropping in February, Skizzy Mars is on "pace" for big things in 2015. Recommended Listening: All Say


QuESt has not had your average beginning to a rap career. After almost giving up music for good, he signed with Visionary Music Group and released the hugely popular project, "Searching Sylvan". Now an independent artist with an extremely dedicated fan base, QuESt is going up in 2015 so if you don't know him yet, you will soon. We also teamed up with him recently to put out a "Searching Sylvan" poster, which you can purchase here! Recommended Listening: Hunger


Cam Meekins seems like he has been on the cusp on fame for years, but 2015 is going to be his year. His monthly EP's are something to look forward to from him for now (January EP coming soon) and he continues to put out quality music. It's only a matter of time until he blows up. Recommended Listening: I'm On It


Lais., another Penthouse Music guy (along with Skizzy Mars), only started putting out music recently, but is already gaining recognition for quality songs including "For You" ft. Skizzy Mars, "Moon & Stars", and "430am". He has an interesting, smooth sound and is looking forward to an exciting 2015. Recommended Listening: For You ft. Skizzy Mars


GoldLink is on both lists and for good reason. Another new artist, his first album "The God Complex" came out a few months ago and was a SoundCloud hit. This guy is on his way to the top and is one guy you shouldn't sleep on. Recommended Listing: Sober Thoughts


The Cardiff Brothers (Jake and John) have some of the catchiest music I've heard in a while. Their recent EP, "The Beginning" had a lot of success and every song they put out is better than the last. Despite hailing from the smallest state, it won't be long before the whole country is talking about Jake and John Cardiff. Recommended listening: Chill


Vell could potentially be one of the fastest risers on this list. From Oakland, this guy is legit. It's amazing to me he still has less than 2000 SoundCloud followers, but you can be sure he won't have just four digits for long (For the record, I'm predicting 6 digits by this time in 2016). He has collaborated with DJ Mustard, E-40, and Ty Dolla $ign already and with his sound, there is no reason he couldn't be on their level by as soon as the end of 2015. Recommended Listening: Oakland 


Ivan B, an 18 year old rapper from the Bay area has big things ahead. His album, "The Pursuit", which came out earlier in 2014, put him on the map, and "Finding Better Places" is coming soon (sometime in January), which should be a treat to listen to. Ivan B is early in what should be a long career in music. Recommended Listening: The Miles Between


Marty Grimes grew up with G-Eazy in the Bay and you can definitely hear the similarities, but he clearly has his own style and will likely end up where G-Eazy is now by the end of 2015. Everything he has put out recently has been fire and he is going on tour with G-Eazy so you can expect him to start gaining the attention he deserves. Recommended Listening: Hell Of A Night


KYLE is on both of our lists for a reason. This guy blew up in 2014, and will blow up again in 2015. You can't help but want to dance when you hear his upbeat, fun music and it is easy to see why so many people are starting to love Super Duper KYLE and his "Super Duper" Crew, including the legendary Super Duper BRICK (check out BRICK's unreal hair by the way). KYLE's album, Beautiful Loser, got the attention of the music world, and without a doubt, he is going to kill in in 2015 and become super duper famous. Recommended Listening: Don't Wanna Fall In Love


Alex Young is the only true EDM artist on this list and in my opinion, this list would be incomplete without this dude. Although he doesn't quite fit the general genre on this site, Alex Young can seriously spin. With the combination of unreal live performances, filthy remixes and original bangers, this DJ is going big places in 2015. Oh and he's only 18... Recommended Listening: SWTRWTHR


Devon Baldwin, like Alex Young, strays a little from the norm on this list, but for a different reason. Devon Baldwin can really sing. Known for a while mostly because of her features on G-Eazy's songs such as "Let's Get Lost", "Mad", and "All I Could Do", she has started releasing music as an independent artist, and it's awesome. GMAD fans voted her the Top Female Artist To Watch In 2015, and G-Posters definitely agrees with that ranking. Recommended Listening: Don't Leave Me (Blink 182 Remix)


Cal Scruby has a very cool sound that makes him very recognizable if you've heard a song from him before. His references in his raps are off the chart, reminiscent of Mike Stud, and it looks as though he is following Stud's footsteps to fame. Scrubby was really good, but his next project has the potential to be great. Watch out for Scruby in 2015. Recommended Listening: Game 6


KR is one of the more exciting rappers emerging to the spotlight. He has drawn comparisons to Chance the Rapper because of his voice, but his cool beats and catchy lyrics make him fun to listen to. His recent album, I$OLyf3 3 was huge, putting him on the map for a lot of people, and one more quality album could turn him into a star in 2015. Recommended Listening: One Time


Jon Waltz, part of Penthouse Music (Penthouse Music is going to have a huge 2015 if you haven't noticed by now), is one of my favorite artists I've found about recently. Waltz has a very chill sound, typical of Penthouse artists, and his Alyss EP, released a few months ago really put him on the map, with several of the songs accumulating 200K plays. Jon Waltz is going up, and although he hasn't released much quantity of music yet, the quality of Alyss and his most recent track, "Burn", put him in a good spot to make huge strides this year. Recommended Listening: Video Girl


C Dot Castro, formerly under Visionary Music Group, spits fire. His fast-paced bars have a unique sound and he keeps coming out with quality track after quality track. He's definitely capable of blowing up, and if he can put out a good project in 2015, he will be well on his way. Recommended Listening: World Wide ft. Logic


OnCue has shown many glimpses of greatness in the past, and Angry Young Man was solid, but if he can put it all together for a project in 2015, I fully expect him to gain the recognition he deserves. He can put out bangers and definitely has potential to blow up, so I am predicting big things for him this year. Recommended Listening: Feel Tall


Futuristic goes hard on every track he touches. He has toured with Dizzy Wright and you can hear the Dizzy influence in some of his songs. His album, Traveling Local, was very impressive, and the 22 year old is not showing any signs slowing down any time soon by his recent songs dropped. Recommended Listening: No Way


Jon Bellion, under Visonary Music Group, has already blown up almost too much to be on this list. He came a long ways in 2014, but is nowhere near his peak. His music is more vocal than some of the others on this list, and he definitely pulls it off. His recent album, The Definition, included a song with 1,000,000 plays and took him to a whole new level, but you can expect even bigger things from this talented artist in 2015. Recommended Listening: Carry Your Throne


SonReal, hailing from Vancouver, Canada, killed it with his album, One Long Day, released early in 2014, but perhaps the biggest reason he's on this list are his more recent bangers he dropped, "Live This" ft. Madchild and "Preach", two instant favorites of mine. He has an interesting, different sound that makes it hard to compare him to anyone, all the more reason he is going places in 2015. Recommended Listening: Preach


Nicholas Hunt, under New York-based Cypher League, keeps it real and his complex lyrics are a breath of fresh air to the often-repetitive world of hip-hop. His EP, The Only Constant Is Change, was impressive and got the attention of a lot of people, but it likely won't be long before this unique artist starts getting a little more buzz (or a lot more). Recommended Listening: FUCKTHEBULLSHIT


Deven Coleman is on his way up. With nice beats and sick flow, over the past year or so he has put out a steady stream of quality tracks, and is well on his way to the spotlight. As he releases more music in 2015, you are going to start hearing people talking about this Syracuse-based rapper. We also teamed up with him to put out a poster of him, which you can purchase here! Recommended Listening: Understand Me

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 2.14.48 AM.png

Cozz, under the same record label as J. Cole, definitely has been influenced by J. Cole, but has his own flow and is following Cole's footsteps to greatness. 2014 has been huge for Cozz, as he released his first track, "Dreams", early in the year, which now has over 150K views. Everything he has dropped since then has been fire, and it's no wonder Dreamville signed him. Big things are ahead for this talented rapper, so if you don't know him yet, you will soon. Recommended Listening: Waits Over


Ground Up is one group I am surprised hasn't gotten more buzz yet. However, it's only a matter of time given the amount of good songs they have put out. They have collaborated with G-Eazy and Marty Grimes, and they're music is fresh. 2015 should be an exciting year for this group. Recommended Listening: Breakfast ft. G-Eazy


Pell I wanted to end this list with a bang. If you're still reading this, Pell could be the most slept on artist on this list. His music is straight fire, and his passion for music shines through onto his tracks. He has already had a lot of success, but 2015 is going to be the year everyone finally finds out about Pell. If I had to bet on one person to blow up in 2015, it might be this guy. Recommended Listening: Eleven:11 (but check out "The Never" too)



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11 Music Artists Who Dominated 2014

2014 was an amazing year for music. Some of our favorite artists here at G-Posters finally made it into the spotlight and this post aims to rank the artists who really made a name for themselves within the last 12 months. This is not a list of the artists who had the most views or topped the 2014 charts, but rather the artists who came the furthest in 2014.

11. Mike Stud has had about as quick as ascent as one can possibly have. Originally a pitcher at Duke University, an elbow surgery derailed his career and his rap career was born during his sophomore year in college. Since then, in just a couple years, he has managed to really make a name for himself in the industry. His third album, Closer, came out in July and did not disappoint. Peaking at number 2 on the Billboard US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Charts, Closer only propelled Stud on his climb to the top and big things are ahead for the "Young King". 

Listen to Mike Stud on SoundCloud here


10. GoldLink is one of only three artists on both our "Artists Who Dominated 2014" and "Artists To Watch In 2015" lists, which says a lot in and of itself. Perhaps most well-known for his unknown identity and mysterious persona, his music is the reason he is well on his way to fame. 2014 was huge for him, as he really came out of the woodwork to absolutely crush with his debut album, The God Complex. After releasing the album, he followed it up with Soundcloud hit Sober Thoughts, which has already accumulated almost 1.5 Million plays. GoldLink had a huge 2014, but look for even bigger things from him in 2015.

Listen to GoldLink on SoundCloud here


9. Niykee Heaton, in the words of the wise Skizzy Mars, "won 2014 pretty much". Pretty accurate. After first releasing several solid covers of mainstream songs, she really came into her own with the Bad Intentions EP, released in September. With almost 3 million views on "Bad Intentions", the title track music video on YouTube, it is safe to say Niykee has come a long way in 2014.

Listen to Niykee Heaton on SoundCloud here


8. Iamsu! 2014 was a good year for The Bay, with two artists on this list! It was only a matter of time until Iamsu! blew up. After being featured in Sage the Gemini's hit song, "Gas Pedal" in 2013, Iamsu! really came into his own in 2014. With singles "Only That Real", "Ayo (Remix)", and "Next Season", the hits just keep coming. Iamsu! started to gain a lot of attention in 2014 and is not slowing down any time soon.

Listen to Iamsu! on SoundCloud here


7. Jon Bellion, under Visionary Music Group, seems to have a vision, and it's not a small one. Everyone under Visionary Music group is going up, and Jon is definitely not an exception. The Definition, his album which he released in September was fire. "Munny Right" has accumulated more than a million plays, and Bellion is finally starting to gain the recognition he deserves. Even Toronto Blue Jays pitcher, Marcus Stroman (@MStrooo6), loves what he's hearing from the VMG artist, tweeting "Just found out about this dude @jonbellion! He's from Long Island too. Dude is seriously talented. #DOPE". 

Listen to Jon Bellion on SoundCloud here


6. Skizzy Mars is another artist on both lists, and there is good reason. Skizzy first came onto the scene a couple years ago when he did "Pay For You" with G-Eazy, and since then he has really taken off. His unique, relaxed flow, combined with cool, smooth beats makes his music one-of-a-kind and is the reason he is one of my personal favorite artists. However, until his album, Pace, came out last spring, he was still relatively unheard of. Pace and more recent releases like "Lucy (Olivver Remix)", "Way I Live", and "Like This" have really brought Skizzy to the next level and put him on a lot of peoples' radars. Skizzy Mars has been dope for a while, but finally started to blow up this year, and you can expect more of the same dopeness in 2015.

Listen to Skizzy Mars on SoundCloud here


5. KYLE aka "Super Duper KYLE" is one of the most entertaining and inspiring artists right now. With a seemingly never-fading smile, listening to KYLE rap is sure to brighten up your day, and he has been brightening more peoples' days now than ever. Accompanied by the "Super Duper Team", this crew puts on one of the best live shows you will find, complete with blow up palm trees and crowd-surfing on boogie boards! However, KYLE's music is the real reason he is well on his way to the top. He really started to gain recognition this year after his debut album, Beautiful Loser. Full of fun, catchy beats and upbeat bars, this album is hard not to like. KYLE had a super duper 2014, and it will be fun to watch him this coming year.

Listen to KYLE on SoundCloud here


4. PARTYNEXTDOOR is a star in the making. The 21-year-old is signed to OVO (Drake's record label), released his first extended play, PARTYNEXTDOOR, in July, 2013, and already has almost 600K followers on SoundCloud. His ascent to fame has been ridiculously fast, partly due to Drake's promoting him, but largely due to the great music he continues to put out. 2014 was the year he seriously started to blow up after releasing PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO and hit single, "Recognize", featuring Drake. His music is very diverse, no doubt influenced by Drake, but he has his own unique style and flow. PARTYNEXTDOOR was one of my favorite artists I found out about this year and the sky is the limit for this talented rapper.

Listen to PARTYNEXTDOOR on SoundCloud here


3. ILoveMakonnen had an unreal 2014. There's no other way to put it. His EP, named ILoveMakonnen was huge, and even caught the attention of Miley Cirus who Instagrammed one of his songs. However it wasn't his EP that made his year unreal; it was a remix Drake did of his song, "Club Goin' up on a Tuesday" that made his year unreal. Named "Tuesday", Drake's remix put ILoveMakonnen on the mainstream spotlight overnight, as the song went viral and has accumulated almost 36 million plays on both SoundCloud and YouTube. And to top it all off, ILoveMakonnen signed with OVO in September... Doesn't get much better than that. 

Listen to ILoveMakonnen on SoundCloud here


2. Logic. As good as ILoveMakonnen's 2014 was, Logic's may have been even better. Logic had been around for a while and after four quality mixtapes, you just had a feeling it was a matter of time until he finally hit it big-- all it would take was a good break... or a Billboard number four overall album that sold over 73,000 copies in a week. Under Pressure was what Logic fans had been waiting for for years. With quality beats, straight bars, and a crazy background and story to tell, Logic is a rap legend and nothing represents him as an artist better than his debut album Under Pressure, released in October. The album is strong track 1 through 15 and proves that Logic is one of the best lyricists in the rap game today. Logic finally hit it big in 2014 and his amazing album is a large reason he is near the top of our list of artists that dominated the year. Make sure you check out our Logic posters here!

Listen to Logic on SoundCloud here


1. G-Eazy dominated 2014. There's absolutely no getting around it. One of my personal favorite artists, Young Gerald completely went off this year. From the beginning of the year, with the gradual unveiling of his debut album, These Things Happen, through December 30th, with the release of "Show You The World", "I Might", and "Why Thank You", G proved he is for real, making as large strides as you would expect from his 6'6" frame. While he might be "Almost Famous" now, it's not long until the "almost" will be replaced by "very". With features from E-40, A$AP Ferg, Too $hort, K-Camp, Hit-Boy, and French Montana, G-Eazy is truly making rap look easy and turning every track he touches to gold. His slicked back hair and 60's rock influences make him hard to miss appearance-wise, but with every unique track released, his music is getting harder and harder to miss. The Bay Area rapper is well-deserving of his new fame and came further in 2014 than anyone. 

Listen to G-Eazy on SoundCloud here


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G-Eazy Drops 3 Dope New Tracks

G-Eazy has finished 2014 off with a bang. In a year that began with the unveiling of These Things Happen, G's debut album which would eventually top the iTunes US R&B/Hip-Hop charts, he finished by dropping three tracks that are arguably some of his best of the year. "Show You The World" with Too $hort is the first of the three, a live song produced, not surprisingly, by the wizard himself, Christoph Andersson. This song goes hard and the collaboration with Too $hort is huge. The second song on the mini EP, "I Might" is my personal favorite. Featuring P-Lo and K-Camp and produced by Cal-A, "I Might" is an absolute banger and has a similar feel to "I Mean It" from These Things Happen.  Finally, G claims he is feeling better than he's ever felt on the third release, "Why Thank You" and it shows on this track. Produced by Hit-Boy, he really goes dumb on this track and it has an "Achievement" feel to it. "Why Thank You" is the most popular song of the three so far, accumulating more than 140,000 plays on Soundcloud on the first day. These three tracks demonstrate how far "Young Gerald" has come just in 2014, and there are no signs of his slowing down. There is no telling for what we can expect from G-Eazy in 2015, but it is clear that there are big things ahead! Make sure you listen to G's new songs below and follow G-Eazy, Christoph Andersson, Too $hort, P-Lo, K-Camp, Cal-A, and Hit-Boy on Twitter.