Road Trip Part IV (The Finale: Death Valley to Los Angeles)

Death Valley, California (6/23)

After the two crazy hot days in Las Vegas, obviously we decided to go to the hottest place in the world, the lowest place in North America, and the driest place in the United States... Death Valley straight up sucked and is probably the worst place on earth. We didn't get out of the car because we thought we would fry and the car almost overheated but we eventually made it out alive. 


Sequoia National Park, California (6/24)

Once we finally escaped the hell hole of Death Valley, we had one of the coolest days of the trip at Sequoia National Park-- as we were walking around we were lucky enough to spot around 8 black bears and even some big trees. I didn't get a good picture but the mother and baby bear shown below climbed most of the way straight up a huge sequoia tree in front of us which was crazy too.


Yosemite National Park, California (6/25)

Our last stop before San Francisco was pretty sweet. It was kind of very overcrowded, but still really cool to see such a legendary park.


San Francisco, California (6/27)

SF was super cool. I had been there before but had never been able to actually explore the city like we did. Obviously we had to see the aquarium first which was lit. After taking a ferry around the bay / Alcatraz, we tried to sneak into an Ed Sheeran concert at Cal Berkeley but failed...

We also happened to be there during Pride week which was definitely an experience. The streets were packed and the energy around the city was crazy.


Pacific Coast Highway, California (7/28)

The PCH was probably the part of the trip I was most looking forward to, but we were definitely nervous about the windy roads in out huge, unreliable monstervan. We survived and at least I thought it was one of the coolest days.


Los Angeles, California (6/29-30)

Our last stop on the road trip was LA... I'm getting tired of writing descriptions. It was cool. 


Dizzy Wright Concert, Santa Ana, California (7/2)

The day after Sean left, I was able to photograph one of my favorite music artists, Dizzy Wright, in Santa Ana. It was a crazy cool show and he ended up posting four of my photos on Instagram that got over 32,000 likes total. If anyone wants to follow my music photography, my Instagram for that stuff is @G_Productions_ and I post some of my photos in the "Photos" section of this site too.


Overall, it was a really fun trip. It definitely had its challenges, but we somehow managed to coax the monstervan into making it all the way across the country in one piece, and we were able to hit just about every place we wanted to on the trip. We owe a big thank you to everyone that let us stay with them or showed us around everywhere we went, and our parents/families for allowing us to do this trip and for all their help!