Road Trip Part III (New Mexico To Las Vegas)

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico (6/15)

After seeing Organ Cave in West Virginia, in which we had to duck down / crawl through parts, Carlsbad Caverns' size was definitely a surprise-- they were as tall as a football stadium in parts and spanned miles, all hundreds of feet underground.


Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas (6/15)

Right after seeing Carlsbad Caverns, we headed over to McKittrick Canyon in Guadalupe Mountains National Park for a cool hike along some streams. 


White Sands National Monument (6/16)

White Sands is probably my favorite park we've seen so far on the trip... It was like a sweet beach, except between mountains instead of ocean. 


Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah (6/17)

Monument Valley was definitely a challenge to visit, mostly because the MonsterVan isn't very good at driving in general, and is even worse at driving on hilly, pothole-filled dirt roads. We somehow made it without getting stuck but it wasn't easy. The views were cool I guess tho


Antelope Canyon, Arizona (6/18)

The monks followed us to Antelope Canyon which was super awesome. We all thoroughly enjoyed our time in the uniquely carved caves in the middle of a desert.


Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah (6/19)

We decided we wanted to experience Bryce Canyon in a different way from the repetitive national park hiking so we rode horses to the rim of the canyon and back, which was definitely pretty cool. We also happened to be there during the annual Astronomy Festival, so we got to see a bunch of constellations through their telescopes. I don't think I've ever seen as many stars in the sky as I saw that night, and I tried to capture them with some long exposure photos.  


Zion National Park, Utah (6/20)

Zion was Sean's favorite park and the way we saw it was as cool as the park itself. We hiked in one of the rivers up and down a canyon, so we were able to see it from a different vantage point than all of the other hikes in the park. I didn't bring my camera because of the water so these were all taken on my phone.


Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona (6/21)

The Grand Canyon was obviously something we had to see on this trip because of its' reputation as one of greatest natural parts of America, but I don't think either of us were as impressed with it as we were with Zion or even Bryce Canyon. It might have been partly because we were so tired after hiking deep down into the canyon (the easy part) and back out during the heat of the day.


Las Vegas, Nevada (6/22)

Las Vegas...